A SMALL BUSINESS in the network marketing industry takes most of the risk out of entrepreneurship

Today, more and more people are seeking out ways to make money working from home either part-time or full-time.

These same people are enjoying more financial freedom as a result.Eric Worre Video Fastest Path to Success in Network Marketing

It used to be that getting an education and a steady job that lasted until retirement was the norm. But as you know, things have changed dramatically in the job market in the last 2 decades.

According census.gov, About three quarters of all U.S. business firms have no payroll and are self-employed”.

Also, the actual failure rate of new small businesses has been blown significantly out of proportion. The adage that “nine out of 10 small businesses fail in their first year” is widely used but hasn’t actually been backed up in any studies. In fact, recent studies show that over 60% of small businesses are still running after two years.


The success number gets even higher when you look into the home-based business industry.  About 70% of home-based businesses started are still operating after three years – that’s 2.3 times the rate of “traditional” businesses!


These numbers are padded thanks to the network marketing industry, which offers anyone the chance to be an entrepreneur without any prior experience or training. This is a 5-Star business opportunity if there ever was one!

WHY SO FEW Risks in Working-from-Home in MLMPaul Zane Pilzer Quote Network Marketing Opportunity

  • Low-cost to get started
  • No overhead (or very little)
  • You are surrounded by support from your sponsor and team 
  • No need to stock inventory (if it’s a well-strutured MLM company)
  • A good network marketing company provides free upfront and ongoing training
  • The company you join assumes all the cost and risk for manufacturing
  • Your team are also independent entrepreneurs, so you have no employees or payroll!
  • Easy to exit if desired

Small business owners in network marketing already have established products and brand without having to deal with the costs of development, packaging, stocking, legal compliances, updates, insurance, human resources or countless other overhead expenses. Home-based businesses in the network marketing industry can focus on marketing and customer service behind a proven and successful business model, while reaping the rewards of what they sell!

If you put in the work and carve out your niche, your chances of success will skyrocket over the statistics shared in this article; and circumstances outside of your control won’t cost you your job or the opportunity to support yourself and your family.