The multi-level or network marketing industry (MLM) was born in the mid-1900’s and has enjoyed skyrocketing growth since its beginnings.

It is one of the most loved and also most criticized of industries.  While some of the criticism is deserved, much of it comes from a lack of understanding about what MLM is.

In Network Marketing, Each Person’s Success Depends on Everyone Else’s Success

The business model of network marketing is amazingly simple. You build a network of people and, working together, you co-create wealth by promoting a product line or service. Each person is responsible for sharing the opportunity with their contacts so that the team grows larger and everyone benefits financially from that growth.

MLM provides a low-risk, high reward solution for people who want more financial security and lifestyle freedom. As we like to say, 92+ million people can’t all be wrong! 

Thanks to the internet, MLM is now even more accessible and doable for the average person wanting to work from home.

Network Marketing is exactly what the name suggests: Products are marketed through a network of people as opposed to being sold in retail stores. The people selling the products are independent business owners who act as representatives of the products.  They build a team by inviting others to sell the same products.  Rinse and repeat.

For each person that joins the network, the “upline” or pre-existing members earn a commission based on the volume of products or services sold through the network. Those who grow the largest networks are able to move more products or services through their downline and as a result, they earn significant monthly residual incomes.

As simple as the concept of network marketing is, the implementation can be a challenge for those who are not prepared to grow personally by going outside of their comfort zone. Network marketing provides a valuable place in a community of like-minded people. But it requires a willingness to stretch oneself and to develop personally by acquiring new skills.

For most people, joining a network marketing company and finding the right people to partner with is a life changing experience. It is a very rewarding business to operate from home and can provide huge rewards.

There are 1000’s of network marketing companies to choose from. Some have great products and compensation plans.  Others not so much.

what is mlm
What is Network Marketing
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