I’m a numbers guy so when I see the numbers from different studies indicating a trend I get excited and think the Shared Economy has taken root.

  • A recent survey reported that 63% of people under 30 years old want to start their own business
  • Another study said 70% of people between 20 and 35 years old want their own business
  • A 2013 Gallup poll reported that 70% of people in the US hate their jobs
  • A University of Phoenix Business School study reported that 40% of employees want to start their own business
  • Job quality/satisfaction has been trending down for the last 25 years
  • New graduates are not finding jobs in their field

What we’re seeing is a growing trend, especially in the 20-35 age group, of people taking control of their lives. Quite simply, they won’t accept working for minimum wage, a 9-5 job or an unfulfilling career. The number of people starting their own businesses has been steadily increasing for a number of years.

People are looking for income opportunities, yet despite the maturing of the network marketing industry, when people think of starting a business, a network marketing business is generally not what they have in mind. Most people continue to lean towards the traditional business model of buying and selling products for a profit or selling a service. But there is a whole new generation of network marketing businesses taking the industry by storm.

What I’m talking about is a Shared Economy business that utilizes the internet, social media, wireless and our connectedness. One where cooperation and team building is rewarded along with hard work. A virtual business with no store front, no inventory, no employees, and customers purchase online for themselves at wholesale prices. Entrepreneurs can concentrate on building their business and leave all order processing, payment, shipping, returns if needed, and the collection and payment of taxes to the parent company.

I know it sounds too good to be true! Yet, this very model has existed and thrived for decades, all while creating wealth for entrepreneurial minded people who have ventured into online marketing. The innovative approaches of the new generation of companies are changing the face of this 50 year old industry. Many of these companies are realizing double digit growth per year and winning business accolades and awards for innovation, integrity and social consciousness. These are not the businesses of your parent’s generation.

“In many ways, network marketing invented the sharing economy,” Paul Zane Pilzer says. “This new business phenomenon applies the rules of network marketing to more traditional areas like hotel rooms and travel, creating enormous wealth in the process, because sharing saves resources and adds value for everyone involved.”

If you want more for your life then watch the video below to see how the network marketing businesses is driving the the Shared Economy.