There are thousands of home based business opportunities so what makes one better than another?

A few years ago my wife and I started looking at home based business opportunities. We both wanted out of corporate life. We wanted to travel, spend more time with the family and have freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted and not be restricted to only 2-3 weeks of vacation per year.

So here’s a summary of 5 key points we considered before deciding on a home based business.

Point 1: The Company

A company that has been around for more than 5 years will have a track record and have better financial security than a startup. Solid company finances not only allow the company to grow and add infrastructure as needed, it means commissions get paid to the associates on time.

New network marketing businesses are started every year and most don’t survive their first 5 years. So even though it is tempting to be part of something new and “on the ground floor”, understand that the risk of the company failing is very high (90% failure rate).

Point 2: The Products

For a network marketing business to compete their products or services need to be unique, exceptional and meet a demand. The most important point – are the products or services something you would use and have an interest in promoting to others.

Point 3: Compensation Plan

Every company has its own plan on how it pays the associates so without going into much detail here are 3 things to look at.

  • Is the plan explained on their website and do you understand it?
  • Does excess sales volume carry forward or get flushed. A plan that flushes all sales volume means you’re continually starting at zero.
  • Is the accumulation of sales volume restricted in any way? Many plans only accumulate sales volume above a certain depth or decrease with depth.

For more see What Makes a Great Compensation Plan?

Point 4: Training and Support

  • Are there online training sessions, webinars, and podcasts available to learn at your own pace and for free?
  • Does the company have Conferences, Seminars and regional events happening throughout the year?
  • Is Marketing material available online as part of your membership?

Point 5: Timing

  • Is there a market for the product/service both locally and globally and is it growing?
  • What’s the long-term future for the product/service? A fad product/service will only have a short life span.

Not all network marketing companies are created equal.

Knowing what questions to ask plays a big role in determining the good from the bad.

Download our free Checklist and ask better questions (see Right column).

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List of Network Marketing businesses (A-L)

Abundant Health, Acai Plus, Accentz. ACN, Adapt-A-Life, AdJuice, Adora Spa & Retreat, AdvoCare International, Aerus, Agel, Aihu, AIM Companies, Akuna Health Products Inc., lcas Corporation (Cutco), Alex + Von, Alivamax Worldwide, Alive Worldwide, All Dazzle, Alliance In Motion, Alloette Cosmetics, Alticor Inc., AM Star Real Estate (Pvt.) Ltd., Ambit Energy, Amega Global, Ameri-Eco, American Gold Reserve, AmeriPlan USA, AmeriSciences, AmeriTalks, Ampegy, AMS Health Sciences, Amsoil, Amway, Angela Moore, Inc.,Ansa Technologies Sp. Z o.o., AnyArt, Apriori Beauty, ArasTiernahrung, Arbonne International, Inc., Ardyss International, ARIIX, Arsoa Hansha, Art and Soul Inc., Asea, At Home America, Ausante, Automatic Geek, Ava Anderson, Avalar, Avalla, Avant, AviaraLife, Avon,AyurVida, Azuli Skye, Balltron, Ballymena, Bandals Footwear, Barefoot and Pregnant, Barefoot Books, bCharmed, Beach Body, BearCere’Ju, BeautiControl, Become International, Inc., Beijo Bags, Belly Buster Diet, Bessemer Sales, Beyond Organic Office, Beyond Yours Marketing, bHIP Global, Big Ear, Inc., Biltmore Inspirations, Bio Water, Biogenica, Biometics, Bionic Family, Blessed Toys, Blessings Unlimited, BodHD, Body Wise International, Bohem Handmade Jewelry, Bon Voyage 1000, Boresha International, Boudoir Bliss, Brain Worldwide, Brook Curtis Jewelry, Business Empire, Cabi, Cake ‘n Crumbs, Cambridge Diet, Carico International, Inc, Celebrating Home, Celebration Fashions, Inc.,Chandeal, Cherish Designs, Chews-4-Health, CieAura, Cleure, Clever Container Company, Close To My Heart, Color Me Beautiful, Conklin Company, Cookie Lee, cPRIME, Creative Memories, Cutco, Daisy Blue Naturals, Damajon, Darswinkle’s Delights, Debt Freedom Canada, Deesse International Gmbh, Demarle at Home, Inc, Designed By You, Discovery Toys, Inc.Doncaster, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, Dr. Nona International, Dream Life Products, DrinkACT, Du Hair, Dub Nutrition, DXN Global, Dynapharm International, Doterra, E Excel International, Inc,Easy Money Mantra, Ecosway, Emancipation Network, Eminence Organic Skin Care, Enagic USA Inc., Enchanted Potions, Energetix, Energy Release, Enjo Ltd, Enlyten, Enzacta, Eondeck, Epicure Selections, Essential Bodywear, Esteem Jewelry, Etcetera, Evolv Health, Experience Viss, EZ Wealth Solution, Fantasy Inc., Fifth Avenue Collection, Inc., Financial Education Services, Firm International, First Fitness, Fizziqs, Flavon Group kft., FM Fragrance, For Days Usa, Inc.,For Every Home, For Your Pleasure, Inc, Force For Earth, Forever Freedom International, Forever Living Products, ForeverGreen, Fortune Hi – Tech marketing, FreeLife International, Freeway to Success, Fruta Vida International, Fur Change America, Gano Excel USA, Inc., GanoVital Australia, GBG,, Gemstyle, Genesis Pure, Genesis Today, GeneWize Life Sciences, Geon Limited, giantCOW, Gigi Hill Bags, Glissandra Skincare Inc., Global Information Network, Global Travel International, GlobalNPN, Globe Travel Network, GNLD International, Gold Canyon, Goldmine International, GoldSheild Elite, Great Life International, Green World, Happy Life Balance, Healing America, Health Nation, Heart Warming Creations, Herbalife, Heritage Health, Heritage Makers, Home and Garden Party, Homemade Gourmet, Inc, HomePro By Design, LLC, HomeTec, HTE USA, Ignite, Inc., Immunotec Research Ltd, Infinity International Health, Initial Outfitters, Inlife, InnerLight, Integris Global, Intimate Expressions, Isagenix Intl, It Works! Global, Jafra Cosmetics, Jamie At Home, Javita Coffee Company, Jewels by Park Lane, Jops Infotec Company, Jordan Essentials, Jurak, Just Ducky Originals, Jusuru International, Kaire, Kara Vita, LLC, Kele, &, Co., Keller Williams Realty, Kimberly’s Closet, Kirby Company, Kleeneze, Kyani, L’Bri Pure N’ Natural, Lady Emily, Lafayette Miracle Solutions, Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Legacy for Life, LegalShield, Lia Sophia, Life Force International, Life Peak, LLC, Life Wave, Lifemax Inc, LifePath Unlimited,  more