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Trace Minerals: The Missing Link for Healthy Aging

Are trace minerals the missing link to maintaining excellent health? Like many men, I tend to be forgetful about getting regular physicals.  Or maybe I’m just avoiding the unpleasantness of certain exams.  Regardless, my wife was really on my case this year about getting a checkup.  I couldn’t really argue with her since it had […]


Are you a puppet for Social Security?

It should come as no surprise that the government wants people to work, not start retirement or apply for social security until they are at least age 70. The longer people work, the fewer retirements years the government has to pay benefits. To subtly encourage people to make the “right choice”, the government


The Best Home Based Business

The surprising best Home Based Business Opportunity that matched all 10 of my selection criteria. I just read a post from Steve Siebold (author of “How Rich People Think,” and a self-made millionaire) where he offers his ten best pieces of advice on money. His very first point of advice says that “in a free market economy, […]