Successful network marketers rely on a Daily Method of Operation (DMO). A DMO provides many benefits and will help you develop the character traits necessary for success in network marketing.

There are 3 character traits that are essential to success in network marketing:

 Determination  •  Persistence  •  Consistency

If you don’t have these character traits in the beginning, you can develop them over time with good work habits. Of Character Traits Successful Network Marketerscourse, it helps to be determined to succeed from the beginning. But  your determination will grow in strength as your beliefs grow in yourself, the industry and your company.

A DMO is a simple tool that will help you develop the character traits of Determination, Persistence and Consistency.

So what is a Daily Method of Operation?

A DMO is simply a list of priority income-producing activities that are key to building a network marketing business. They are the fundamental prospecting activities that will grow your business.

What are the Benefits of Having a DMO?

1. A DMO helps you build a business in your “pockets of time”

Many network marketers build their business part-time around their day job, raising a family, etc. Some days, you may only have an hour, 30 minutes, or even just 15 minutes to spend on your business. This is where a DMO is key. In the pockets of time you have, you’ll know exactly which activities to do that will be most productive for making money. You’ll no longer waste precious minutes wondering what you should be doing (i.e. “getting ready to get ready”).

2.  A DMO keeps you focussed on income-producing activities

It’s easy to get lured into a false sense of productivity by watching training videos and learning about your company’s products. But these activities don’t actually make you money. When we train our downline, we tell them to consider non-income producing activities as add-ons that they should do ONLY AFTER they’ve completed their prospecting activities during their scheduled work time.

3.  A DMO keeps you accountable

Because a DMO is limited to a few, basic income-producing activities, it’s easy to keep track of your daily business activity. We use a simple spreadsheet to track our daily DMO tasks that we’ve completed. We then use this to evaluate our results compared to our activity (i.e. how many new enrollments, rank advancements, etc. based on our prospecting activities).

4.  A DMO is duplicatable

As a leader in your business, you want your business-building activities to be things your downline can easily duplicate.

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Implementing a DMO in your own business demonstrates leadership to your downline. It simplifies the training process and also builds accountability into your downline. After all, if they’re not growing, chances are they’re not doing the basic income-producing activities necessary for growth.

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