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How to Handle the “I Don’t Have Money” Objection

One of the biggest objections network marketers face is the “I don’t have money” objection. It’s also the objection that can stop an enrollment dead in its tracks, if not handled well.

Here’s the irony of the situation. Most people are open to looking at a network marketing opportunity because they need more money. But most will also use the “lack of money” excuse as a reason not to get started.

After all, who are we to argue whether the prospect has money or not. We don’t know every detail of their financial James Arthur Ray Quote situation. And when it comes to discussing financial matters, it can feel too invasive to expect a prospect to share their personal financial details.

But do really we need to?

Here’s the thing about closing a sale and getting your prospect enrolled. As the illustration below shows, closing a sale depends on your prospect hitting on all three of the following:  MONEY, AUTHORITY, DESIRE.

If one is missing, then you’ve got some work to do before closing the sale. If you can’t get your prospect to score high on Money, Authority and Desire, then your chances of enrolling the prospect are very slim.

Money Authority Desire

Figure out where your prospect is at with these 3 qualifiers, and you’ll become a more efficient and successful enroller in your business.

So here’s the good news. A lack of money is actually the easiest objection to overcome, PROVIDED your prospect truly desires to get started with your opportunity AND they have decision making authority. After all, what is more powerful then DESIRE as a motivator to achieve our goals?

So let’s say you have a prospect who has decision making authority, and they have stated they have a strong desire to get started with you, but they say they have no money.

Here are 3 steps to handle this objection:


1. Privately, just to yourself, decide you’re not accepting this excuse.

The “I don’t have money” objection is never just about money. It’s also your prospect expressing doubts about whether they can actually do the business. (Watch Eric Worre’s awesome training on this below.)

This is not meant to be disrespectful of your prospect. But if you believe them, it may stop you from going further. This is the time to remain strong and keep your prospect’s best interest in mind – i.e. their need to make more money!

How many times have you had a friend say they can’t afford something, and then you learn they eat take-out food 4 nights a week. Or they show you the high-end stereo equipment they just installed in their car.

When someone tells me they can’t afford it, I translate what they’re saying into:

“My desire isn’t as strong as my self-doubt.  My desire isn’t strong enough yet to put some of my money towards this opportunity.” OR “My desire isn’t strong enough yet that I’m willing to figure out how to find the money to get started”.

It’s back to evaluating their desire. Let them know you understand their situation. Revisit the conversation about desire and use these words:

“If we could figure out a way for you to get the money you need to get started, are you open to spending time on finding the money?” (Check out our link below to Tanya Aliza’s awesome training scripts on this.)

2. If they are open to spending time to find the money to get started, ask your prospect the following questions:

a) What do you spend money on each day or week that you would be willing to give up temporarily so you can put that money towards getting started?

b) If this is important enough to you, if you truly want to see a change in your life, can you get creative and find the money to get started? (Note: Set a deadline for this goal of finding the money.)

3. Get Busy Getting Your New Enrollee Paid

The training program in your network marketing business should be simple enough that anyone can do it. The compensation plan should be generous enough that your prospect should start getting paid quickly based on their efforts, within the first 30 days.

If this applies to your opportunity, then your new team member should be able to recoup their initial investment within the first 30 days. Problem solved!

This also puts reasonable pressure on you to help your new business builder see early success and results, and get paid. After all, that’s our job as sponsors and leaders.

Don’t let the “I don’t have money” objection hold you back from enrolling people in your business. There are many great resources online with more great tips. In the meantime, check out the training videos below from the awesome Eric Worre and Tanya Aliza.


How To Respond To “I Don’t Have The Money” – NMPRO #784


Use My 3 Step Objection Handling Training When Prospects Tell You They Don’t Have The Money

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