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5 Simple Things to Attract Wealth … Starting Now

By Heather Mathews
Author of Manifestation Miracle

Having a home-based business takes guts, determination, and a burning desire to have the life you dream of for yourself.  It’s easy to get bogged down in day-to-day activities. But what if you’re working hard and still not attracting wealth and prosperity?  Do these 5 simple things to change the results you’re getting … starting today.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

The Power of Changing Your Focus to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Sometimes we get so discouraged that we feel powerless to change our situation. We want to bring more wealth and prosperity into our lives, but it feels like we keep hitting roadblocks.

But the only way to break out of a  Happy woman listening to music MLM Fast Forwardnegative downward spiral is by changing your INNER world. Many people don’t realize that they are giving off low frequency energy that is actually making their situation worse.

It’s easy to feel bad when you’re broke. And naturally, it’s just as easy to feel excited when you have money in the bank. It’s not wrong to feel bad about things. However, you shouldn’t use your circumstances (and how you FEEL about them) as an excuse to stop trying.

NOT doing anything about your situation will only make you feel WORSE. And this traps you in a vicious cycle of negativity and inaction.

So where should you start? Here are some ways to start creating massive change in your life with these 5 simple things you can start doing today!

#1:  Share Your Gifts to the World

It helps to think of your generosity on a larger scale. Giving is more than just a virtue – it’s a type of cosmic currency.

Giving is one of the fundamental values in network marketing. As leaders, we give significant amounts of our time to support and train our team members. We do this knowing we are helping others achieve their dreams.

A generous attitude raises the quality of the energy you send out into the world. So while helping others, you also help yourself.

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#2:  Stop Hanging Out with People Who Drag You Down

Have you ever had coffee with someone who is so negative that you just felt lousy by the time the coffee’s are done?

People in a bad situation will try to feel better about themselves by spreading their toxic way of thinking to others. They pull others down with their negativity.

Instead of doing something about their own situation, it’s easier to go down this dark path and take everyone else with them. That is why you need to be careful about the company you keep. Choose people whose energy is positive …who make you feel good just by being in their presence.

Man relaxing on deck Manifest Success#3:  Get Out from Under the Grind

We all have our lives to lead and that means falling into a routine. Structure is important and even necessary. At a basic level, we need it to function day-to-day.

However, sticking too close to your routines can shut you off from trying new things. It can make you afraid of the unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

Doing new things that help you grow ALWAYS has a place in a well-balanced life.  What are the things that inspire you? What new things would you like to try today?

#4: Quiet Your Mind

Meditation is one habit that supports manifesting what you want in life.

When you learn how to control your thoughts (instead of your thoughts controlling you!), you’re in the best position to manifest the things you want.

A lot of people find it challenging to keep their thoughts above water when they’re flooded with negative emotions. With meditation, you can take a step back and remove yourself from a situation in a healthy way. This gives you clarity, new insights, and solutions. (And it’s super relaxing.)

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#5: Affirmations

Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers in history, was known for saying “What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming.”


That attitude helped Ali become what he was, and it will serve you well too. Most of the time, people don’t pay attention to the kind of thoughts they hold in their heads. Left unchecked, they often feed into a toxic story they have about themselves without even realizing it.

The things you tell yourself are like seeds you plant in your mind. And they grow over time. Those same thoughts will express themselves in your actions and the choices you make. So you need to be careful which seeds you plant.

It’s impossible to attract wealth, abundance and happiness if you’re focused on putting yourself down.

Using affirmations is a powerful tool for manifesting what you want in your life.

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