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Are You Recession Proof?

The word recession gets thrown around a lot in the media. And while most of us likely can’t define it exactly in economic terms, we can describe it based on experience. The less recession proof we are, the more vulnerable we are:

Lost jobs  •  Watching our investment portfolios shrink  •  Greater uncertainty about our future and our family’s well-being  •  Feeling hesitant to make large purchases

Recessions are a common historical occurrence, with almost 50 recessions happening in United States history. So it’s Are you recession proof? Stressed woman.safe to assume that another recession will happen.


The question is not when the next recession will happen, but will you be ready for it?

Are you recession proof?

During the 2008 recession, many network marketing companies continued to grow. Why is this? We attribute it to 3 main factors:

  1. An increase in unemployment causes people to look for other opportunities. People want a solution that will give them more control over their income. Home-based network marketing opportunities provide that solution.

  2. Many products sold through network marketing companies are not luxury items. They are  consumable products people come to depend on. Think nutritional supplements, skin care, and insurance-type products. Customer don’t necessarily stop buying or requiring these products during a recession because they fall in the category of necessity items for consumers.

  3. The most vulnerable and hardest hit during recessions are those working in blue collar and non-management roles where layoffs tend to be highest. These workers often have less of a financial cushion and educational background to ride out a recession.

Paying bills with calculator.Because network marketing is a low-barrier opportunity (e.g. it doesn’t require minimum educational skills or prior business experience) anyone 18 years or older can start a network marketing home-based business. This makes it an attractive opportunity for those who have been hit hard by a recession.

Do you want to make yourself recession-proof ?

Contact us today to discuss how network marketing may be the solution for you. 

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