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5 Tough Questions That Will Make You Better in Your Business

The thing that makes network marketing so great is also the cause of most failures in the MLM industry. It is this: Network marketing is one of the easiest businesses to get started in. Anyone 18 years or older can do it, and it usually just requires a small upfront investment in the chosen company’s products.

We really like this about the industry because, as we always say, it’s the most democratic, “level-playing field” business model we know of.

But here’s the problem. The ease of getting started means that most people lack “skin in the game”. Because they haven’t really put their butts on the line, it’s super easy to give up too soon, not put in enough effort and simply walk away if you’re not getting the results you expected.

So if you’re already invested in a network marketing business and not achieving the level of success you desire, ask yourself the following questions before giving up on your business, and yourself!

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