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This is What’s Missing from Many MLM Companies

After years in the MLM industry, we believe we’ve hit upon one of the major reasons why so many people walk away from their network marketing businesses:  lack of effective, supportive, guided, step-by-step MLM training. 

The MLM Selection Checklist Free Download

Most good MLM companies provide some type of training.  But not all training is created equal. We find that this is often the area where the ball gets dropped.

The problem gets worse when sponsors, (i.e. those who are introducing others to the business opportunity), often haven’t been properly trained themselves.

According to the incfile.com blog, “70 percent of Americans would prefer to be self-employed, and a new home-based business is started every 12 seconds!”*

The fact is that many people want to be self-employed. But only a small fraction of the population has the personality type that makes them natural entrepreneurs. For the rest, it comes down to learning, training and applying the skills learned (think Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours).

This means that most of us need some type of step-by-step, very detailed training. This builds confidence and early success.

When we bring someone new onto our team, we walk them through our very detailed, free MLM training program with weekly activities.

If you’ve downloaded our Ultimate MLM Selection Checklist, you know that we emphasize the importance of evaluating a company’s MLM training before signing on. We’ve talked to many network marketers who invested in an opportunity, only to be left hanging by their sponsor and company when it came to being told what to do next.

I created the “90 Days to Success and Profits” training program to address this very strong need in the industry. Our training walks our team of new business builders through weekly, anyone-can-do activities. Each week builds on the previous week’s work.

An effective MLM training system means you’re not alone in the crucial first months of your business. As we like to say in network marketing, “You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”  Our training program is proof of that.

To learn more about our free MLM training program, contact us today for a no-obligation chat:

info@mlmfastforward.com  |  (705) 772-2443


90 Days to Success and Profits MLM Training


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