Trace minerals and health

Are trace minerals the missing link to maintaining excellent health?

Like many men, I tend to be forgetful about getting regular physicals.  Or maybe I’m just avoiding the unpleasantness of certain exams.  Regardless, my wife was really on my case this year about getting a checkup.  I couldn’t really argue with her since it had been 12 years since my last one. I figured, why go if I feel perfectly fine?  But since she wouldn’t stop going on about prostrate cancer risks in older guys like me, I figured the checkup would be less uncomfortable than her persistent nagging.I wasn’t surprised when my doctor declared me to be in great condition at the end of the physical. My blood work was good, blood pressure 117/80, heart rate 62 (after walking 3 blocks to the clinic), reflexes excellent, good weight, great muscle tone. So the results basically confirmed how good I felt physically. But it put my wife’s mind at ease.

Being over 60 I hear many in my age group (and younger) complaining about health problems: overweight, high cholesterol, heart issues, sore joints, digestive problems, lack of energy and the list goes on. And these aren’t sedentary people – they are physically active like me. So my results got me to thinking about what has made the difference to help me stay in peak physical condition at 61?

A decade ago I was reading about Linus Pauling (two times Nobel Prize winner) and his conclusion that the vast majority of health issues can be traced back to a lack of essential trace minerals in a person’s diet. This led me to reading about the lack of trace minerals in our soils and therefore in the foods we eat that have been grown in those soils (no trace minerals = no mineral uptake into the food). With all the focus on vitamins, the need for trace minerals for proper brain functioning is generally overlooked in health discussions.

I was always told that if I just ate healthy I’d get all the nutrition I needed. I have two issues with this statement:  1. Our foods are lacking trace minerals; and 2. Eating a healthy diet all the time, every day is a big challenge for many people. It takes dedication and planning. I didn’t always have time to eat healthy and many times would grab something on my way out the door. Not always the healthiest options either.

About 10 years ago, I began consuming the health products of my network marketing business. I wasn’t conducting any sort of scientific study and I can’t say for certain that these products lead to my excellent checkup results. However, I can say that in the last 10 years I have rarely had a cold and have no health issues to complain about.

I can’t help but think that adding these super foods (that include trace minerals) into my diet has contributed to my overall great health. This, combined with staying active and maintaining a youthful attitude has definitely paid off.  I know my wife won’t let me go another 12 years before my next physical, but one thing I am confident about is that the results will be just as good.