When I speak to audiences on social media training, I know there is going to be a certain percentage of business owners in MLM Fast Forward Facebook Lead Generationthe audience who fit 1 of 2 categories:

A) They don’t use Facebook at all to promote their business; OR
B) They use their personal profile page to promote their business.

In either case, these business owners are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to market their products and services to a huge and ever-growing audience of potential customers.

Now, I understand that many entrepreneurs lack the knowledge, time and appreciation for Facebook to be taking advantage of its full potential. But with so many social media experts-for-hire today, there’s really no excuse not to have a solid, branded Facebook page representing your business.

Below are my top 5 reasons why you absolutely MUST have a Facebook business page today if you are in business.

1. Your Facebook Friends are Likely Not Your Customers  

Take this test: When you create a Facebook business page, you have the option to invite your friends to like your page. It’s a quick, easy way to get some followers to your page right away. But take your time with this. Go through your list of friends and identify the ones you think would realistically like your page. Who would find your content relevant to their lives as it comes up in their news feed? You may be surprised at how few friends you actually decide to invite to like your page.

People who are your friends on Facebook want to hear about what’s going on in your personal life, not necessarily about the latest trade show you attended or product developments you’re promoting.

So if you keep talking about your business to the same group of uninterested friends, they’ll tune you out, or worse, unfriend you! And that’s no way to build a business or social circle.

2. A Business Page is Free Real Estate for Your Business

Creating an eye-catching, content rich Facebook page is FREE! Let me repeat that. It’s a free listing on one of the most powerful, highly trafficked sites in the world. In under an hour, you can have a visually stunning page created that you can post on your website and use to build your brand much more quickly. So what are you waiting for?

3.  Increased Access to More than 1 Billion Users

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time picturing what 1 billion people looks like. But I do know this: if there are more than 1 billion people with Facebook pages, my customers are on Facebook and I need to be there to market to them.

With people in North American spending 20 to 40 minutes per day on average on Facebook, you know that this is where you have a solid chance of finding your target market. So advertising on Facebook is guaranteed to get eyes on your business.

4. It’s Fast SEO for your business

This is an often overlooked benefit of having a Facebook business page. If done right, your Facebook business page will likely appear in search engine rankings above or very near to your website search results. And this will happen very quickly after creating your Facebook page. Embrace this wonderful tidbit of news and start creating your Facebook business page today!

5. You Can’t Advertise Your Business Without a Business Page

Facebook doesn’t allow you to run ads for your business without a business page. But once you have it set up, you will have an incredible world of highly targetted, powerful advertising at your disposal.

With Facebook, you can create visually stunning advertising to your demographic, track every engagement with your ad, and also carefully monitor your budget for spending. It’s also a great way to increase your fan base of targetted followers.

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