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How I Turned Being Laid Off into an Opportunity

Doug Stardate

California Surfing after being laid off

Surfing at Santa Cruz in California after being laid off

About 6 years ago, at age 53, I was laid off when my job was outsourced. In addition to being told that my job had been deemed redundant as part of my severance deal, I had to train my 3 replacements. And if being let go wasn’t enough, we had just closed on the purchase of a new house and our current home hadn’t sold. And to top this off, I discovered I was 6 months short of qualifying for company pension and health benefits.

Yikes! Laid off after just buying a new home.

After the initial shock, I did what many may see as a reckless waste of money. For years I’d been limited to a few weeks of vacation per year. But now I had lots of downtime. No income, but lots of time on my hands.

So, I took the family on an extended two month summer vacation across Canada to Vancouver Island, down the West Coast to California, and returning home via the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, Black Hills of South Dakota, and back into Canada at Detroit. It was a fantastic trip and worth every penny.

Once back home I needed to plan for the future. I still had 3 kids in high school and monthly bills to pay.

Instead of doing the obvious and finding another job, I chose a different path.

A friend of mine had invited us to hear about their home-based network marketing thing they were doing. They were making money at it so I convinced my wife to come with me to hear them out. That one meeting changed our lives.

Even though both my wife and I had each had bad experiences with network marketing businesses in the past, we decided to give it another shot. And I’m so glad we did! We were making money in our first month: not a lot, but it encouraged us to stay with it.

With practice and effort, we learned the basic skills that anyone can learn and our income continued to grow. I showed some of my former co-workers what I was doing and they laughed and had no interest. Others saw the potential and asked me to show them how to do what my wife and I are doing. (I think the 2 month vacation really piqued their interest.)

Looking back, being laid off was a blessing that changed my life for the better. Although I wouldn’t want to experience that sort of shell-shock moment of being laid off again, I like that I’m more in control of my income and schedule, and not at the mercy of a corporate company deciding my fate.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me and maybe you can even relate to some of what I shared in this story. Did it impact you in any way? Genuine storytelling is one of the most effective ways to engage with people. You too can close more sales with storytelling. To learn how for free, click below!

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