Who’s in Control of Your Retirement Income? It Should be You!

Retirement Income from Residual vs Investment

Chart showing higher retirement income with residual earnings than traditional investments.

A whole industry has been built around retirement savings and helping you save so you have retirement income. This industry is dominated by insurance companies, banks, and financial planning institutions that all have the same mantra: Start early and save for a long time so that when you retire at age 65 or 70, if you’re lucky, you’ll have enough saved to enjoy your retirement.

The director of the Boston’s College’s Center for Retirement Research suggests that people work until age 70 before retiring so they don’t outlive their savings. Agh!! Am I the only one who finds the suggestion of working until age 70 depressing?

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The Best Home Based Business

The surprising best Home Based Business Opportunity that matched all 10 of my selection criteria.

Best Home Based BusinessI just read a post from Steve Siebold (author of “How Rich People Think,” and a self-made millionaire) where he offers his ten best pieces of advice on money. His very first point of advice says that “in a free market economy, anyone can make as much money as they want”

Even though I believe anyone can make money in a free economy, attempting to follow your own path doesn’t always work as expected. Over my life I have started many businesses. As a teenager I started a lawn care business and paid my way through university cutting grass…a lot of grass. After university I worked for a few years and then started a software development business with my brother. For 14 years we did very well and earned a good living. Then for 5 years I owned a computer retail store that consumed much of my time, but produced very little profit. Read more