5 Reasons to Stop Using Your Personal Facebook Page for Business

When I speak to audiences on social media training, I know there is going to be a certain percentage of business owners in the audience who fit 1 of 2 categories: A) They don’t use Facebook at all to promote their business; OR B) They use their personal profile page to promote their business. In either […]


Not Enough Leads? Warm Market Dried Up? You Need This!

Attraction Marketing retirein3

Do you want an endless supply of pre-qualified leads?

Are you in a type of business that requires having a regular supply of prospect leads to sell to? Then you will want to start applying the incredible techniques of Attraction Marketing to your business.

If you’re a network marketer, in real estate, insurance or any other type of sales, attraction marketing is a highly effective way to generate new business. You will no longer waste your time running after disinterested folks and causing yourself to feel disheartened with your business.

So what is attraction marketing? In short, it’s using online tools to generate leads that come to you. It’s gently pushing people towards your offer instead of pulling.

Attraction Marketing = Pre-qualified leads who are interested in your product or service

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What Fire Hydrants Taught Me About Taking Chances

Taking ChancesDoug Stardate

Taking chances when I was young came easily without all the baggage of life experiences.

When I was 17, our local newspaper ran an ad requesting bids for a summer contract to paint the city’s fire hydrants. With complete confidence typical of young guys at that age, I prepared and submitted a bid.  Although I had never painted fire hydrants and didn’t know the first thing about bidding on city contracts, I figured I had nothing to lose to submit a bid.  And since neither my dad nor any other adult for that matter tried to discourage me, I figured, what the heck, it would be really cool if I won the contract.  To my great surprise, I won the contract!

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Are you a puppet for Social Security?

Doug Stardate
Social Security Puppet

It should come as no surprise that the government wants people to work, not start retirement or apply for social security until they are at least age 70. The longer people work, the fewer retirements years the government has to pay benefits.

To subtly encourage people to make the “right choice”, the government Read more

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How I Turned Being Laid Off into an Opportunity

Doug Stardate

California Surfing after being laid off

Surfing at Santa Cruz in California after being laid off

About 6 years ago, at age 53, I was laid off when my job was outsourced. In addition to being told that my job had been deemed redundant as part of my severance deal, I had to train my 3 replacements. And if being let go wasn’t enough, we had just closed on the purchase of a new house and our current home hadn’t sold. And to top this off, I discovered I was 6 months short of qualifying for company pension and health benefits.

Yikes! Laid off after just buying a new home.

After the initial shock, I did what many may see as a reckless waste of money. For years I’d been limited to a few weeks of vacation per year. But now I had lots of downtime. No income, but lots of time on my hands.

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Who’s in Control of Your Retirement Income? It Should be You!

Retirement Income from Residual vs Investment

Chart showing higher retirement income with residual earnings than traditional investments.

A whole industry has been built around retirement savings and helping you save so you have retirement income. This industry is dominated by insurance companies, banks, and financial planning institutions that all have the same mantra: Start early and save for a long time so that when you retire at age 65 or 70, if you’re lucky, you’ll have enough saved to enjoy your retirement.

The director of the Boston’s College’s Center for Retirement Research suggests that people work until age 70 before retiring so they don’t outlive their savings. Agh!! Am I the only one who finds the suggestion of working until age 70 depressing?

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The Best Home Based Business

The surprising best Home Based Business Opportunity that matched all 10 of my selection criteria.

Best Home Based BusinessI just read a post from Steve Siebold (author of “How Rich People Think,” and a self-made millionaire) where he offers his ten best pieces of advice on money. His very first point of advice says that “in a free market economy, anyone can make as much money as they want”

Even though I believe anyone can make money in a free economy, attempting to follow your own path doesn’t always work as expected. Over my life I have started many businesses. As a teenager I started a lawn care business and paid my way through university cutting grass…a lot of grass. After university I worked for a few years and then started a software development business with my brother. For 14 years we did very well and earned a good living. Then for 5 years I owned a computer retail store that consumed much of my time, but produced very little profit. Read more